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How to Let Go of the Pressure to Perform and Discover Freedom from Striving

“Success is faithfulness.”

Ruth Chou Simons recently joined me on the podcast to talk all about freedom from our pressure to perform and striving towards expectations. What a breath of fresh air! There’s something about a conversation around putting an end to our need to achieve and perform that breathes so much life into you. We’re always chasing this hunger to better ourselves that quickly evolves into striving and exhaustion. Yet, Ruth tells us that there’s a better way.

Through Ruth’s own story, she had so much insight to share on this topic. You can read more about it in her recent book, When Strivings Cease, which I highly recommend!

I thought I’d share some of my takeaways from this conversation in case you find yourself feeling pressured to perform, striving towards unrealistic expectations, or constantly comparing yourself.

There is a message at work right now within you. 

Ruth shares that her business and her work started in her own living room many years ago. Wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing, know that there is a message at work right now within you.

“Everybody isn’t always living out their dreams out loud every season of their lives.” – Ruth 

We’re called to a journey of surrender not proving. 

All that you’re doing and all that you feel you are or are not, it’s all enough. Happiness is not dependent on you achieving your expectations but rather on a life of surrender and living in expectancy knowing God is in it all.

It’s never too late for a new perspective.

You can start here. Now. Today.

“Can you share any tips or encouragement on staying grounded as moms?”

As parents, we tend to find lots of things to “take away” or not allow. Whether this relates to certain toys or screens or activities, we’d be wise to think through ways we can fill this subtraction with the addition of good things for their hearts, minds, and souls.

“Don’t fill the schedule. Keep room on the schedule where it feels like you’re wasting time. That’s when those good conversations that take time happen.”

“It’s not just about subtracting from our lives or our kids lives but also adding what is worthy and true.”

“What does success mean to you?”

“Success is faithfulness.”

We can stop striving towards bettering ourselves and focus on faithfulness where we are – that’s where we can find success. It comes through faithfulness. 

You can check out this conversation on the podcast, follow her work at or check out her page on Instagram @ruthchousimons. You can also pick up her latest book, Emmanuel, now on Amazon all about shifting your perspective on the Advent season. It’s a great book to enjoy solo or read with family or friends.

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I'm a former corporate mom of boys, turned podcast host + writer + curator of meaningful conversations.