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Dear Fellow Mom, You’re Not Alone

Times like these push us, shape us, and press us.  The challenges that come with motherhood seem amplified and they leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, empty, and alone.  If this is you, please keep reading.

It is good enough to be a good mom. You don’t need to try and be a perfect mom because she doesn’t exist on this planet. 

Your kids, your home, and your life are unique to you.  In a time when it’s never been more tempting to pick up your phone and scroll, please stop.  We would never want our kids to be sucked in by comparison and assess their value based on those around them.  Please stop evaluating your worthiness based on the images and stories that others share.

Love who and what is in front of you.

Your call to motherhood is not a mistake by God.  You are exactly who God picked for the job, as imperfect as you feel some days. 

Our children are not an inconvenience, but a true gift to treasure. 

For the days that you don’t feel like you can do it, God will give you the strength.  He says we simply need to ask.  For when we are weak, He is strong.  (and the beautiful part is that He doesn’t set limits on how many times we can ask!)

Success as a mom is not defined by our children’s intellect, achievements, behaviors, desire to learn, eating habits, or clean and Pinterest-worthy rooms.  There’s not a grading scale or a test we need to pass.

Take a moment for you each day.  Whether it’s five minutes of fifty, you need it.  It can be a walk around the block, a few extra minutes in the shower, waking up a few minutes before the kids, or fifteen minutes of “rest” time in the afternoon. You need it – alone, undistracted, without technology, in stillness, in peace, to breathe.

You are not alone!  All moms are feeling what you are feeling.  If they aren’t feeling it today, they’ve felt it or will feel it soon.  We are designed to be in community, so reach out.

We naturally gravitate towards the things that we believe to be true.  Fix your eyes on what is true and THE truth.

Take each day to learn more about what love is – patient and kind.  It is full of grace.  Its mercies are new each morning.  Embrace it and let your soul experience it.

In the end, what will matter most is love- that your kids felt it and experienced it.  Knowing love will help them be love to a world in need of more of it.

It all starts with you knowing how loved you are.  You are seen.  You are enough.  You are God’s masterpiece.  And you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  

Chin up. You’ve got this! We’ve got this! 

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I'm a former corporate mom of boys, turned podcast host + writer + curator of meaningful conversations.