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How One Subtle Shift in Thinking will Change Your Way of Living

If you’ve found yourself making excuses for why you can’t, feeling behind, or simply feel stuck in the “don’t have enough/need more” mentality, you’re not alone and keep reading. Let’s start with this question:  What would it look like to believe that you have everything you need for this day and are all that you need to be for today? How much more living would you do and joy would you find? 

As you unpack that question, here’s one more:  What do you not have enough of or need more of? The truth is, everyone feels like the don’t have enough of something.  They don’t have enough followers, money, visitors, credits, clients, time, education, contacts, growth, patience, and the list goes on.  As humans, we live in this constant state of “deficit”.  We feel like we need more to do more and to be more and we find ourselves stuck in this trap of feeling that every other human being seems to have more. We hold ourselves back from dreams, from joy, and from all that today has to offer.  


What if today you chose, instead, to believe that you were enough, that all that you’ve accomplished is enough, and that you actually have exactly what you need for this day?

What if you chose to believe in sufficiency in today rather than lack and as you gave away your time and energy today, you chose to set limits – limits on pursuing “just enough” to guide you to simply the next step – nothing more, nothing less?

Perhaps you’d find freedom and fulfillment as you stood authentically in the here and now, knowing that it’s enough and that it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

What does this practically look like? 

  • Telling yourself, “I am…” “I have….” “I will.” instead of, “I’m not…” “I don’t have…” “I can’t…”
  • Seeking out just enough on social media to keep you inspired and virtually connected to things that matter. 
  • Pursuing just enough financial means to cover your expenses and have just enough to give and save where you feel led rather than an endless chase for “more”.
  • Having just enough solid friendships that you can actually be intentional and invest in them. 
  • Keeping just enough motivation and inspiration that you stay inspired, yet focused on your own path. 
  • Building just enough relationships and contacts that you stay connected and not burdened. 
  • Putting just enough on your calendar that there’s margin for moments to step into and not rush through.
  • Having just enough success that you stay humble and grateful rather wasteful and forgetful.

I’m not saying not to dream big and hope for seasons of “success” in your life. I’m simply saying, along with telling myself, that you and I actually have all that we need to get us through this day.  That we are enough and that our striving can cease.  That the influence(r)s that we invite into our life should be just enough to keep us staying your own course and not get detoured down meaningless paths. 

The Shift 

The next time you find yourself saying, “I don’t have enough _____”, “I’m not______  enough”, or “I need more _____”,  pause and instead tell yourself…

I have enough. Everything I thought I needed I already have. How can I creatively use what I know and what I’ve been given to do what needs to be done? I will simply take that next step and let the rest unfold as it presents itself. 

I am all that I need to be and I will seek out only “just enough” of the things in my life to keep my flame burning and mind, heart, and feet moving in the right direction. Not too much, not too little, but just enough

I will enjoy this moment, this season, and find sufficiency in who I am, what I’ve been given, and all that I’ve been created to be. It’s all enough. 

Rest today in this way thinking. Find freedom there. Don’t miss the abundance that today has to offer in your longing for the more in tomorrow. 

For more on this, check out this short, 11 minute episode

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I'm a former corporate mom of boys, turned podcast host + writer + curator of meaningful conversations.